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Fraternity – Justice – Labour

May the hard and smart work continue!
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Welcome to the world I am currently engineering!!!

Monday July 22, 09:56:37 AM EDT 2024


Professional Background

BENSINO ENGINEERING GROUP SASU ( Visit the web site ), Cotonou (Benin)
Founder & President February 2016 - Present

BenSino EG SASU is a value-added engineering company that is entirely devoted to engineer long-term solutions for the beautiful continent from Cape Town to Alexandria. It has three independents divisions (cooperatives) that will generate altogether necessary wealth to finance and shape the future of engineering services across Africa. Our mission is to actively contribute to the industrialization of Africa by the private sector. Hence, we are engineering our own technologies to tackle our common issues.

  • Engineered solutions for the beautiful continent
  • Defined specific objectives for each division of the group such as:
    1. Establish a game development pole in Africa to promote African culture around the world (Gaming)
    2. Upgrade our schools and universities infrastructure to maintain the continent’s competitiveness (IT)
    3. Send German engineering into the closet and show the world how Ramesses II, Piye, Shaka Zulu, Behanzin, Menelik II, and others used to engineer solutions (Engineering - the flagship of African engineering)
  • Published the group current industrialization cases studies.
Launched the “Morya’s Garden” project of manufacturing handmade products at a large scale - Phase I is completed ( Try out the ecommerce site prototype now )
Engineered “BenSino Game Studio”, the gaming division in Montreal
Administered “BenSino IT Corporation”, the IT division in Aylmer
In progress:
Incorporating “BenSino Engineering & Consulting Firm Inc.”, the engineering division soon in Toronto (Awaiting Engineers Canada consent then PEO Certificate of Authorization)
Acquired skills:
MS Project, Six Sigma, Business Case Writing, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

Founder & President May 2013 - Present

  • Engineered and deployed in production distributed enterprise applications in Java EE, Scala, JavaScript, and PHP. Experienced in MVC, SPA, RIA, N-tier, SOA, microservices, rule-based, event-driven architectures design and implementation. Decomposed monolith applications into microservices architectural style. Designed, developed, and implemented secure and highly scalable REST/SOAP APIs and web services: architected and deployed real-time back-end APIs to support BGS multiplayer games versions
  • Acquired abilities in developing full stack layers and in dealing with large scale websites and applications. Experienced in cross-browsers and responsive web content management systems (WCMS) and e-commerce sites development. Familiar with cloud computing (DigitalOcean, AWS, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud Platform, CloudFlare, Spring Cloud), Okta, IAM, Azure AD, DevOps & SCM tools, AI, RPA, IoT, Big Data; In-Memory, SQL, and NoSQL databases
  • Experienced in requirements elicitation, architectural design documents and test plan elaboration, software implementation, continuous integration and delivery, automated testing, and quality assurance
  • Familiar with software engineering lifecycle models and agile development, software design patterns and architectures, Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and HIPAA standards & implementation
Transformed the NGO GAHESD business processes with digital automation applications and implemented real-time big data analytics applications for Yenex Consulting business insights. Engineered and deployed the Java EE web applications AHCP and EMS for Comergence. Designed, developed, and deployed professional e-commerce websites for Liloo Signature and Morya Sín Jadɛ́ɛ̀n Try out this one
Migrated and configured our production infrastructure on DigitalOcean and AWS. Engineered and deployed the PHP web applications EKA for Garage “E.K.A.” and ASDBMS for Comergence
Developed the Rich Internet Application “Dashboard” to monitor Cogeco servers’ transactions. Added features to Ticketmaster’s web applications and APIs; fixed bugs and reduced technical debts
Designed, developed, and deployed Yenex Consulting, GAHESD, BECF, and BenSino EG SASU desktop and mobile, SEO friendly and cross-browsers websites with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla; same for BenSino Game Studio responsive website with only PHP MVC (no framework)
Designed, developed, and deployed professional blogs with WordPress
Designed, developed, and deployed a software package for inventory-sharing and consumer-purchasing habits tracking and management with SuiteCRM. Try it out here
Acquired skills:
Java EE, PHP, JavaScript, Liquid, HTML5, CSS3/SASS/LESS, XHTML, JSP, JSF, PrimeFaces, jQuery, Ajax, and SQL programming languages, functional reactive programming, multi-lingual applications development, Spring Security, Spring Web MVC, Spring Boot, Spring/EJB, Hibernate/EclipseLink, Zend, DigitalOcean, AWS, ELK Stack, EC2, Lambda, Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud MemoryStore, BigQuery, Stackdriver, Okta, IAM, Spring Cloud Vault, VPC, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, DynamoDB, S3, RDS, Liquibase, MySQL, SQL server, Apache HTTP & Nginx Servers, Tomcat, GlassFish, NPM, Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Redis, Spring Cloud Stream, Spring Cloud Netflix (Eureka, Feign, Hystrix, Ribbon, Zuul), Envoy Proxy, HAProxy, Istio, Jenkins, MantisBT, Apache ServiceMix (ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF, Karaf), JBoss Drools, Apache SOLR, RabbitMQ, JMS, RxJava, Jackson, SVN, Git, Gulp, Maven, Ant, Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, Spring Tool Suite, GWT, Smart GWT, Mockito, AssertJ, Cucumber, REST Assured, Spring Test, SOA & Microservices architectures, SOAP/REST webservices, Postman, Swagger, OAuth2, JWT, SAML, OpenID, FHIR, HL7, OpenHIM, HIPAA

IBM CANADA LTD., Markham (Canada)
Software developer (contract) June 2014 - June 2017

  • IBM z Systems: Re-designed open source software for s390x architecture. Cognitive software ecosystem development: Developed secure and scalable enterprise web applications that recommend in-store items and provide real-time social media trending items
  • IBM Bluemix & System-z: Hybrid cloud, Internet of Things, big data and real-time analytics, and supervised machine learning on mainframes
  • IBM WAS on System-z: Engineered and deployed java web applications to collect and pre-process EEG data before dispatching the data to R server and Spark
  • IBM MobileFirst & System-z: Mobile versions of mainframes (zLinux and zOS) applications development. Developed native (Android and iOS) and hybrid mobile applications with REST APIs and services on mainframes
  • IBM Rational IDEs: Debugger and Tools - Code Coverage UI
Re-engineered and tested various open source software packages such as Consul, PHP7, Couchbase, etc... on Linux on IBM z Systems. Contributed to the development of the smarter shopping application “Cognitive Retail” presented at 2016 LinuxCon in Toronto
Engineered and developed a complex software system to monitor truck drivers’ mental fatigue in real-time with Apache Spark on IBM z Systems mainframe
Developed the hybrid mobile application “LeanAppetIT” that collects and correlates patients’ EEG data to their personal states for medical research study
Designed and developed an end-to-end patient monitoring system where the mobile front-end app “Good Health” was used to launch IBM Mainframe Z13 at IBM Interconnect 2015 in Las Vegas and the back-end was deployed on WebSphere on LoZ
Acquired skills:
Java EE, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Objective-C/Swift, Scala, R, SPL, jQuery Mobile, Angular, and TypeScript programming languages; Windows, Mac, RHEL, SLES, and Ubuntu; Maven, Ant, Sbt, Hadoop, Apache Spark, InfoSphere Streams, IBM Bluemix (IoT, MQTT, and Node-RED), Microservices Architecture, Zookeeper, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Vagrant, Docker, Node.js, Worklight/MobileFirst Platform Foundation, Eclipse, Xcode, CocoaPods, Git, Rational Team Concert (RTC), DevOps, LoopBack, Data Studio, DB2, Cloudant, CouchDB, and Websphere

Programmer (contract) September 2013 - March 2014

  • Designed and developed web-based multimedia mobile applications on Android
  • Integrated PayPal Android SDK and outsourced code into the mobile application and performed the software quality assurance with integration testing
  • Developed multi-threaded application including AIDL remote services to process heavy workloads. Developed RESTful web services and APIs to provide data to the mobile front-end app
Development of the mobile application “Mobila” on Android
Acquired skills:
Java, JavaScript, AIDL, Mac, Eclipse, Sync Adapter, Content Provider, Observer, WebKit, Multithreading, Handlers, Asynctask, Remote Services, Sqlite

BENSINO GAME STUDIO ( Visit the web site ), Montreal (Canada)
Founder & Principal Engineer October 2011 - Present

  • Engineered and implemented a native Android application that uses Arduinos to control and automate lighting, heating, garage door, etc… with a smartphone
  • Design and develop video games for Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft XBOX, and PC. Developed RESTful APIs and web services to provide data to the mobile video games
  • Elaborated the design documents and tests procedures. Performed the developed software analysis and quality assurance
  • Strong knowledge of Android architecture and mobile applications development’s best practices. Experienced in cross-platform mobile applications architecture and user interface development, and in apps publishing
  • Designed and implemented 2D and 3D games for computer and Microsoft XBOX. Familiar with characters modeling and animation, physics simulation, and AI
Designed, developed, and implemented a native Android application for home automation
Engineered and published the games collection “African Poker” and “African Poker Sim” on Google Play Store and Apple App Store and developed a Java EE web application for the multiplayer versions. Download them onto your Android 6.0+ and iOS 15.0+ smartphone or tablet
In progress:
Restructure the multiplayer versions of the games “African Poker” and “African Poker Sim” for iOS platform and develop the game “The Amazon”. Get your mobile device ready
Acquired skills:
Java, Kotlin, Objective-c/Swift, C# and C/C++ programming languages, Java EE, Internet of Things, Arduino, Spring-Android, AIDL, Multithreading, Handlers, AsyncTask, Remote Services, Multi-Lingual Game Development, Retrofit, Glide, RxAndroid, CocoaPods, Gradle, Mockito, Espresso, Android DDMS, Git, Jenkins, Google Material Design, Apple Design Principles and Apps Interface Guidelines, SwiftUI, Lifecycle, Paging, ViewModel, Room, DataSource, LiveData, Core Data, SQLite, CouchDB, Firebase, Android Keystore, Windows, Mac, Android & iOS, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, Android Studio, OpenGl, Unity, and Blender

Lab projects / Personal projects 2009 - 2011

  • Designed and deployed MVC & 3-tier web and enterprise applications with SGDB database (MySQL, Firebird, Oracle) with Eclipse and Netbeans
    1. Mastered Java/J2EE/JPA, JDBC API & multithreading; CSS, (X)HTML, JavaScript, SQL & PHP languages; XML, Java Servlets, JSF & JSP pages
    2. Familiar with Java J2EE frameworks (hibernate, eclipseLink, Ejb3 and spring), web servers (Apache HTTP server, Tomcat, and Glassfish), and multiprogramming
    3. Strong knowledge of Spring IoC (Inversion of Control) and AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) concepts as well as database management system (MySQL)
  • Developed and implemented the games BatBall and BloodBowl in C# and C++ with Visual Studio 2010 and XNA Game Studio 4.0
    1. Familiar with even-driven and test-driven programming concepts as well as MFC libraries and XNA frameworks
    2. Designed and engineered each components of the game. Mastered game development process and special effects
    3. Reviewed and enhanced C/C++ software codes. Mastered user interface (GUI) application development and Windows Forms API
  • Designed and developed Java based software (log files analyser) with Eclipse
    1. Mastered Java data structures and unit testing (JUnit), design patterns, UML, and Agile programming (Scrum)
    2. Performed the software’s quality assurance and produced the user manual, design documents, implementation notes, and test report
    3. Familiar with Qmail-System architecture and the Mail Transfer Authority (MTA)
  • Designed and implemented a relational database management system with MySQL and PHP5
    1. Created the database schema with stored procedures in SQL. Mastered E/R diagrams and relational algebra
    2. Designed and deployed a web application in PHP using Zend MVC framework to manage the database online
  • Designed and implemented a telescope’s control system software with Matlab
    1. Designed and simulated the proportional integral derivative controllers (PID)
    2. Designed the entire system and built a user friendly interface to demonstrate its animation
  • Experienced in engineering economic analysis and project management
    1. Estimated software costs with COCOMO II system (COnstructive COst MOdel)
    2. Performed engineering economic analysis and project management with MS Project
Design and implementation of a personal academic scheduler designer
Design and simulation of a control system appliaction for a telescope with Matlab
Design and implementation of a relational database management system (DBMS) with MySQL
Design and implementation of the game “Bloodbowl” in C/C++ language with Visual Studio 2010
Design and development of online Poker games using Perl and CGI Scripts; deployed on Apache HTTP server
Design of a graphical web payroll software to produce payslip using NetBeans 6.9; deployed on GlassFish v3 server
Design of a persistent web application in Java to manage a list of persons online with Eclipse; deployed on Tomcat 7.0 container
Design and development of a software in Java to analyse the Qmail-System and its Mail Transfer Authority’s (MTA) log files with Eclipse
In progress:
Design and implementation of a one/two pass compiler
Acquired skills:
Java, J2EE, PHP, C#, and C/C++ programming languages, Database and software design, Web applications and game development, Adaptability, and Team spirit

Technical councilor / Technician 2007 - 2008

  • Ensured Videotron’s network and equipments technical support
    1. Troubleshot client’s equipments (modem, digital TV receiver) malfunctions and adjusted if necessary
    2. Analyzed and diagnosed RF signals, internet applications that use TCP/IP, SNMP, and TFTP protocols
    3. Studied audio/video standards and broadcasting norms
  • Ensured Loto Quebec’s VLC & Spielo gambling machine’s quality control and technical support
    1. Programmed and installed the machine’s FPGA smart card reader modules; repaired and debugged LCD monitors, electronics board, and ICs
    2. Troubleshot gambling machine malfunctions and tested the communication between the machines network and Loto-Quebec server at Ludoplex Trois-Rivières and Quebec
    3. Assembled, installed, repaired and adjusted the gambling machines while performing the quality control
Installation of gambling machines in Loto-Quebec’s ludoplex in Trois-Rivières and Quebec City
Acquired skills:
Internet Network architecture and protocols, Technical support, Communication skills, and Leadership

Research assistant 2006 - 2007

  • Designed, developed, and tested an integrated system to measure the magnetic field with Cadence
    1. Estimated the manufacturing costs and developed the system’s architecture
    2. Designed the system’s sensor (Hall Effect principle), 8 bits analog to digital converter in VHDL-AMS (Verilog), and its data transfer system USART in VHDL
    3. Tested the overall system with the HP 83000 tester
  • Collaborated to the development of the camera FAMOSI
    1. Developed the specifications for its sensor, data processing, and transfer architecture system
    2. Developed a co-design C/C++ and assembler software to acquire data from the camera
    3. Realized the test procedures on DSP TMS 320C33
Realisation of the test bench for the integrated system to measure the magnetic field
Development of a CMOS active pixel imager and realisation of its test on the tester HP 83000
Development and tests of the FAMOSI camera’s images processing system
Acquired skills:
C/C++, VHDL & VHDL-AMS (Verilog) programming languages, ASIC design, and Analytical skills

Laboratory Intern 2005

  • Analyzed the satellites’ navigation systems and the telecommunication norms. Established the GPS/Galileo hybrid receiver’s specifications and test procedures
  • Designed and Simulated in VHDL the Galileo E5 & L1 signals generator’s architectures with Modelsim
  • Developed and set up the hybrid receiver’s architecture
Developed and tested a prototype of Galileo signals generator on Altera FPGA board
Acquired skills:
VHDL programming language, FPGA design, Analytical skills, and Self-starter