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Fraternity – Justice – Labour

May the hard and smart work continue!
Ralph Photo

Welcome to the world I am currently engineering!!!

Monday July 22, 10:44:08 AM EDT 2024


Personal Background

Born and raised in Benin (West Africa) and proudly African.
Went study microelectronics engineering at Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg (France) in 2000.
Immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident (Category: Skilled Worker) in 2007 after graduating and gaining pertinent experience in France.
Traveled across five continents in solo and lived on three with his only African passport; known as the Beninese freerider and inspired by the great Madiba (rest in peace).

Always seeking challenges, the next one is to build another world class African city at home in 17 years and to architect the prosperity of the entire beautiful continent (Africa) - How about this solution approach? No matter how hard it might be, we can always work harder to achieve that goal. Always keep things up and never back down; tomorrow is brighter.


Since tech company founders can become billionaires in US, I’m pretty sure I can become trillionaire in USD outside US and anyone can certainly become quadrillionaire in USD on African soil. But in Africa, when there is for one, there are for all; so, if I’m trillionaire and there is one person on earth without basic human needs, that means I have failed as an African engineer. In short, I strongly believe so far that charity does not create wealth, but corporations do... Therefore, I do not fight poverty, I provide resources to people to create their own wealth themselves...

Favourite quotations

“Whoever you are, there is nothing you can do that cannot be done by someone else; it is just a matter of time.”
“Never try to be like someone, but rather always try to be better than someone.”
“If it is too complicated to explain, you probably did not fully understand it yourself.”

Noticeable trips

First visit to Canada in 2003 for snowboarding

Ralph Photo Snowboarding in Quebec City in 2003
Simply enjoyed the pow and the ride

Attended in 2010 the first FIFA World Cup ever held on African soil

FIFA 2010 Ticket Picture
The best FIFA World Cup ever - South Africa 2010

Attended in 2016 the first summer Olympics ever held in South America

Rio 2016 Tickets Picture
Was Usain Bolt’s “Triple - Triple” eyewitness - Rio 2016

Upcoming trip to Torquay (Australia) for surfing

Ralph Surf Board Picture
It is going to be sick???